SCUS technology
Here will be demonstrated creation of very small sample software system under SCUS technology. That will demonstrate very small part of possibilities of SCUS. You have possibilities to try on line via Internet how that sample system works. If you have for us about developing the software systems please contact us. We will create software system according your requirements and you test on line how it works. The example of software system is: The problem: Let imagine that we are traders and we must send by fax /or e-mail/ some offers for our customers /or some orders for supply to our delivers/ The solution: That will be simple information system in which there will be a list of goods and quantity for orders. For output result will print offers. The description and creation of software system under SCUS technology /Let imagine that the name of software system is "ORDERS"/: List from additional messages
I. Decription of the database is here III. Decription of the input is here II. Description of thr output is here IV. Some views of the application "ORDERS"
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