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Additional messages

81. Missing key field n in screen xxxxxxxx

Field said in a major key serial number is not described as an input in screen form and can not be made access to the file

Warning message - press the key
Warning message - not described connections
None described parameters
None described lists
There are no data
There is record
Error formatting database
The descriptions are not formatted
Value less than nnnn
Value greater than nnnn
Enter value
Duplicate name
Invalid value
Unknown element xxxxxxxx in the expression
Discrepancy in brackets
Incorrectly closed brackets
The printer is not turn on.
Unknown parameter xxxxxxxx
Unknown field xxxxxxxx
Unknown variable xxxxxxxx
Invalid name xxxxxxxx
Syntax error
Input output error n
Press key or ESC / PgUp
The printer is not ready
N error in formatting file m
Overfilled when calculating the field xxxxxxxx
The code contains more than n symbol
The list contains items
Such list is not out
The link is not described
The length of the record is greater than the maximum allowed
Number of fields more than max. tolerable number
The file contains no fields
Missing description of the field n
N field is calculated
The length of the key n is greater than the maximum permitted length
The number of the key segments is greater than the maximum permissible number
None described keys
None described a major key
There is described very basic keys
Field xxxxxxxx not described
Missing description of the major file
Missing description of the related file
The key to the related file is not specified
The key to the main file is not specified
The number of descriptions exceed n
Determined to fill the description memory
Error handling device
N number of parameters is more than the maximum
Errors in the description - generation is not done
Unverified description - generation is not done
The field is virtual
None described form
Difference in the length of fields in relation
Please prepare the printer!
Duplicate key
Archival copy of n fail is an old format
It is re-formatting n file
Insufficient operational memory
Missing file name xxxxxxxx
Missing file number n
Field xxxxxxxx missing from file xxxxxxxx
Missing field n to file n
Missing key xxxxxxxx to file xxxxxxxx
Missing key n to file n
Missing link xxxxxxxx
Input / output module is not loaded
Input / output error n
Box n from the file m is a virtual
Error reading
Missing list named xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx 8 does not contain characters
Error loading xxxxxxxx
Error archiving files xxxxxxxx
Error opening file xxxxxxxx
It is re-formatting of the n file
Missing read a record for n file
Missing screen xxxxxxxx
Error start program xxxxxxxx
Missing variable xxxxxxxx in screen xxxxxxxx
Screen form n is not loaded
End of file
End of medium
Run queue overflow